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In March of 2012, Walker County committed multiple EPD violations by depositing
tons of dirt and debris into Rock Creek to build a trail crossing. It is now June of
2015 and Walker County was just fined an additional $76,000.00 for deliberately
ignoring the deadline for over a year for corrective action to repair the damage
Walker County did to Rock Creek. Now Walker County has spent over $600,000.00
of Walker County taxpayers' hard-earned money squandered on a ill-planned project.
All the county had to do to avoid this fine was to finish this project on the date they
agreed to. The EPD gave Walker County 6 additional months over and above the original agreed upon date before fines started acruing and the county still ignored the extended deadline.

While Walker County agreed to the EPD's order, in public statements it inexplicably continues to say that it did nothing wrong, that it put nothing into Rock Creek. The case is well documented with photos and the appeal and the new order are available to the public from the EPD and are accessible from this website.
Photos above are
from 2012
June 24th, 2015 article from Times Freepress
Walker County fined $76,000.00 for missing construction project deadline

June 16th letter from EPD


November 15th, 2014 article from Times Freepress
Heiskell, Georgia Department of Natural Resources' EPD differ
over Rock Creek
March 7th, 2015 article from Times Freepress
Environmental problems on hiking trail to cost Walker County six figures